78th & L in Omaha, NE
78th & L in Omaha, NE


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Stickley Fall sale

Receive instant Stickley Dollars to apply towards your Stickley purchase. The more you spend, the more you save. Terms and conditions apply. See store for details. Hurry! Offer ends 10/25/18.

2019 Limited Edition Console

Beautiful American Hardwoods, meticulously crafted in the US and adorned with the panoramic views of the Riverview Motawi art tile: The 2019 Collector Edition Console adds versatile beauty to any home for only $1995.Visit the Allens home store to view this beautiful piece in person. Pre-order in store or online before November 11th for a limited numbered edition.

Original design by Nawal Motawi. The intent was to communicate a serene landscape in a very simple way. Line character and color intensity are intentionally varied to create the feeling of distance. It’s all about simplicity and serenity.

Pre-order today.